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Dog Facts for Kids

  • we are going to learn about dogs you’re gonna be like this dog expert who knows all of these cool things about these animals that just about everybody loves dogs Mr. whiskers we had to make this video okay we made the cat video you know and everybody does kind of love dogs you know it’s nothing against cats you know we made the cat video a long time ago and now it’s doggy time okay all right so don’t look at me that way.

All right so what are dogs are:

  •  domesticated mammals that live all over the world and that word domesticated means that are taken care of by people in fact and this is pretty cool most historians believe that dogs were the first animals to be domesticated that’s right the first animals to be domesticated and catch this in the United States alone almost 43 million households own at least one dog while dogs are so popular dogs sure are popular maybe it’s because they’re so much fun or maybe it’s because they’re so cute look at this dog why’s the thugs so cute it’s so sad what are you thinking about little doggie what are you thinking about okay we get it dogs are popular and there are so many reasons why there’s super cool animals but we gotta go through more dog facts because we want you to be an expert on dogs now if you are a dog expert you have to know this there are over 150 types of dogs that’s right sure that fact was someone today asked them if they know that there are over 150 types of dogs these types of dogs can look very different from one another some dogs are huge like the great day.

Great Danes :

can get up to 30 inches tall and can weigh almost 200 pounds but don’t let their size scare you these dogs are super friendly they have been nicknamed gentle giants other dogs are.


really small like the Chihuahua okay chihuahuas are usually between six to nine inches tall these are super small dogs very very very small dogs especially compared to no Great Danes right but even though they’re small they can have big personalities and make their presence known some dogs have specific markings.

Dalmatian :

like the Dalmatian, Dalmatians are famous for their white coat and black spots and you’ll find these interesting dalmatian puppies are white when they are born but when they are about four weeks old their black spots appear to look pretty cool okay let’s move on and look at some more interesting facts about dogs grumpy pug:

uh-oh we’ve got a grumpy pug, okay I know we didn’t talk about pugs alright but there are over 150 types of dogs we can’t talk about all of you there isn’t enough time okay there are over 150 types of dogs pug okay I don’t care how grumpy you look okay all right.

The Pug :

is a small dog with a really cute wrinkly face they are sweet gentle dogs that are great around kids for good measure here are three pugs standing together here is the picture of the pug from earlier in the video that seems to be thinking very deeply about something and here is a picture of what a pug would look like if it had wings and could fly okay now on to more dog facts because we are not going to talk about any other types of dogs no matter how grumpy queue or persistent they might be okay all right okay we are ready for our next fad did you know dogs see colors differently than we do it’s true so fascinating dogs see colors differently than we do believe it or not people used to think that dogs were completely colorblind scientists later discovered that dogs can see colors they just see them as yellows Browns and blues here let’s show you this is going to be super cool so say there’s this garden okay and this is the way we see it we see the Reds and the greens and all of the full colors well this is what a dog sees pretty different isn’t it some of the colors are missing the Reds right the greens it’s mostly yellow sprouts and blues this is the way a dog sees

Color alright so we see more colors than :

  • dogs do but dogs have us beat with their sense of smell dogs have a much better sense of smell than we do they have way more smell receptors in their noses than we do and the part of their brain that figures out smells is larger than ours that means as this dog is sniffing this flower this dog is picking up smells and scents that we would never even know we’re there now with this next fact we need your help what are baby dogs called Deena aha puppies great job they’re called puppies dogs are considered puppies until they are 1 year old now this is interesting.

 Did you know puppies are born blind deaf ?

  •  and without teeth that mean right when they’re born they can’t see they can’t hear and they don’t have any teeth but they don’t stay that way for long and they grow fast  okay we have one final fact for you and this fact is a little bit weird dogs only sweat from their paws what a random weird fact they only sweat from their paws we sweat in many areas of our bodies but dogs only sweat from their paws because sweat is not the main way that dogs cool down the main way a dog cools down is by panting have you ever seen a dog pants before uh-huh that is the way a dog cools down Oh cute puppy thanks for learning about dogs with us hey could you do us a favor and comment below let us know what your very favorite fact was about dogs what was that fact that you’re like wow I’ve got to share that that is so cool it’s tremendous what was your very favorite fact we hope you had a great time and we do hope to see you next .

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