We’ve all seen the cat videos and the accompanying beams in case 35% of American households own a cat with 85 million strong cats, the most popular pet in the United States, but long before the Cats did not debut on this basket, they were the first featured in an 1894 film from the Thomas Edison box film company and Cats consider to be the first comedy film in history, but do you know the story of our feline friends that most people believe captured the first domesticated Egypt,

which is not too far from the belief stemming from one of the Egyptian goddesses the steppe but a human body and a cat’s head while human civilization grows humans began to grow and store crops to feed their cities, food began to attract vermin like rats and mice unlike dogs cats are not really domesticated While cats are not that different from our domestic cats as we know they make their home among humans knowing that they could find easy food eventually, cats have become accustomed to their human neighbors and are also becoming pets. company because cats were needed To protect food,

the Egyptians probably designed cat intestines, and Egyptian owners even mummified their cats and buried them alongside them, but the Egyptians weren’t the only ones to have buried their cats with them.The oldest domestic cat ever to be found comes from the ancient Greek island of Cyprus, it is estimated that it was ceremonially buried with its owner in 9500 BC.

like the Greeks and Egyptians the Romans also used cats to protect their food stores from rodents, they also saw cats as a symbol of freedom The Breakers have chains as if they were free since they hadn’t not really need human help to live as the Roman Empire spread across Europe and the whole world, they brought cats with it, eventually Europe started to adopt cats as well,

but unlike to their Roman contemporaries they not see cats as a symbol of freedom in fact Pope Gregory on the 9th issued an edict accusing black cats of being Stanchable’s offspring of black magic millions of cats were killed to cause superstition within the Catholic Church and many historians believe that the shortage of cats in Europe left rodents uncontrolled rodents carried fleas which then carried the pes bubonic te that spread across Europe and the 1300 left unchecked,

the rodents infiltrated civilization and eventually killed millions of Europeans eventually began to rehabilitate cats as berman exterminators but black them cats have never really shaken the superstitious beneath them as Europeans travel to the new world, they carry cats with them laurel flower even had a few cats on its journey and since the 1600s cats have slowly taken over the world. America with their cuteness and even today you can learn a bit of history from cats looking for historical memes on the internet.

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