Hey guys and welcome back to Fenrir and we are going to be doing a webinar today.

  • altogether about how to tire out your dog?

carrying out your dog is really, really important and it’s going to help you out because it will stop them from being destructive in the house it stops their boring behavior and makes they tried to be in the house and a great dog for you so without further ado, let’s jump into my

  • top three tips of how to tire your dog out,
  • so let’s start with number one which?

is super good obedience because you may not be actively working with them, but you are working with their mental so you can do loads of different things you can do sits downs place rolls over and learning new tricks for them is going to be good as well as it’s going to push them, really hard with their mental stimulation and that is a great the thing to do, it’s going to tire them out and then they can have a long rest and you can kind of get on with whatever you need to do and stop that behavior that you might be struggling with.

  • and moving on to number two?

which is changing up the way they eat I know it sounds strange but bears with me as this is all about our finery foraging mat a great way to feed your dog I use this with my puppy Riley which is a labrador pup that is, really a good way to feed her because as you know labradors get very food driven so slowing down her eating is an amazing thing to do it helps with bloat as well, which is awesome.

  • but you might ask how does this?

tire them out well when you just put a bowl in front of them, they can walk through it in no time and I’m sure you know that but with this foraging mat, you can dig all your little bits of kibble or different bits of food into that foraging mat and they have to work hard and it goes back to their roots of hunting and foraging for their food so it’s a perfect way to feed your dog and this taps into their old factory senses where they’re going to behave to smell and work things out and it will mentally drain them to find that food which is perfect because like I said, the entire dog is superb for its behavior in the house so this is going to become one of the most challenging parts of ther day is having their food, but it’s a great the thing to make your dog work for food, it makes it a challenge for them it makes it mean that they’re not going to be thinking that it’s a simple task for them so it’s a ppositive thing to be doing just stepping up working for their food so.

  • number one and number two are more to do?

with mentally draining your dog, which is a grand thing to do, but how do we actively drain our dogs but also use some of that mental as well to tie them out and that is a good old game of fetch now you may be thinking well just throwing a stick surely that’s just tiring them out because they’re running back and forth but you can step that up even more by adding in obedience to it so, for example, you can get them into a heel before you throw that stick and you can get them to wait before you throw that stick or you can throw it and then get them to release them from that’s it there’re loads of different things that you can bring in obedience wise into a game of fetch that’s really going to tire out your dog and having a tired dog is exactly what I say it’s a good dog, it’s a well-behaved dog and at the end of the day, it’s also a happy dog, so if you put all these three things into your day you’re going to have a very tired dog which means your going to have a very relaxed perfect evening tiring out your dog is one of the best things you can do.

  • because it makes them a lucky dog, so give these three things a go and you will have a tired and happy dog.