the sacred status of cats in ancientEgypt cats in the Egyptian culture havealways held high esteem and have been asymbol of sanctity more than 4000 yearsago the cats were considered friendlyand tame by the Egyptians and during2000 BC they were brought into homes aspets the cats accompany their ownersinstead of dogs on hunting trips andtheir statues were displayed outsidehouses to fend off evil beings so youcan see how cats begin gainingimportance in the Egyptian culture besure to subscribe – did you know and hitthe chime so you never miss a transferfrom us also leave a like right now thecat’s gained so much popularity thatkilling them intentional

orunintentionally was considered a heinouscrime and the person was to be sentencedto death laws were even formulated toavoid the exportation of these felineshowever smuggling –zz were still madeto neighboring Mediterranean countriesthe cat became a prominent figure withintime as it protected the country and itspeopleBastet the goddess a sacred cat with themeaning of her name being devoured ladydue to her having the body of a womanand a head of a tame cat beset is thedaughter of the Sun God raw wife ofPitta and mother of me hosts peoplebegan worshipping her around 3200 BCEthey celebrated her day with greathappiness by honoring and thanking hershe was the goddess of pleasure musicdancing and joy she expressively impliedthe function of the moon in making womenfertile the people usually asked her forprotection and blessings for their womenchildren and pet cats here goes one ofthe ancient prayers said for the goddessthe loved’ bast mistress of blessingsand protection parallel of the Sun Godeliminate the evil that troubles us asyou eliminated serpent Apep anticipatethe evil and keep our children safebless us with happiness of singing anddancing and also watch out for us whenwe are alone hope you guys got familiarwith a little bit of your felineshistory let us know what you think