a dog is known to be the man’s bestfriendand they come in a wide range of sizesat times it’s difficult to say thatbulldogs and the lockjaw is the sameanimalnevermind today we are listing thestrongest dog breeds of all timeto adequately measure the strength of adog you need to take account of theirsizespeed and their deadly bite force manybelieve that a dog’s strengthlies on its teeth and temper that’s whypit bulls are considered the meanest ofthem allbut it doesn’t mean they’re thestrongest thus pit bulls didn’t evenmake it to the top 10 strongest dogs in the worldok let’s start the list with honorablementionspitbull terrier newfoundlandgerman shepherd great danerottweiler african wild dogalaskan malamutewolf dog irish wolfhoundphilo brasileirodogo argentinonumber 10.saint bernard this behemoth breed oftenoutweighs a grown manand heights up to 90 centimeters in sizea saint bernard holds the world recordin strengthhaving pulled four thousand pounds thistall and strong breed has an imposingstaturenumber nine bull mastiffdeveloped by gamekeepers on england’sgreat estates bred to be courageousconfident strong and fast the bullmastiff has a formidable appearance witha wonderful deterrent to would-beattackers or intrudersplus they have a strong bite force of556lbsnumber 8 dog de bordeauxdon’t be lulled by his bulk he can besurprisingly athletic andagile when necessary they can run at 23miles per houras almost a match bite force to a bullmastiffthis breed can be destructive anddangerous when left alone too much number sevenperro de presa canario akathe cannery mastiff is a large molluscertype dog breed originally bred forworking livestockthey can move with great athleticismthis powerful dog is heavily builtwith an incredible 600 pounds of biteforce

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