we’ve all seen the cat videos and thosebeams that go along with themin fact 35% of US households own a catat 85 million strong cats the mostpopular pet in the United States but waybefore cats made their debut onto thisscreenthey were first featured in an 1894 filmby the Thomas Edison film company boxand cats consider to be the first comedyever film but do you know the storybehind our feline friendsmost people believe capture firstdomesticated Egypt which probably isn’ttoo far off the belief stemmed from oneof Egypt’s goddesses the steppe but ahuman body and a cat head as humancivilization began to sprout up humansstarted growing and storing crops tofeed their cities the food began toattract vermin like rats and mice unlikedogs cats aren’t really domesticatedwhile cats not so different from ourdomestic cats we know begin to maketheir homes amongst humans knowing theycould find easy food eventually the catsgot used to their human neighbors andalso began to become pets because

thecats were necessary to protect foodthe Egyptians likely conceived the catguys furthermore Egyptian owners evenmummified their cats and have themburied alongside them but the Egyptiansweren’t the only ones who buried theircats with them the oldest domestic catever found comes from the ancient Greekisland of Cyprus it was estimated to beceremoniously buried with its owner in9,500 BClike the Greeks and Egyptians the Romansalso use cats to protect their foodstores from rodents they also viewedcats as a symbol of Liberty The Breakershave chains as if they were free sincethey didn’t really need human assistanceto live as the Roman Empire spreadacross Europe and the entire worldthey brought cats along with iteventually Europe specifically began toadopt the cats as well but unlike theirRoman contemporaries they didn’t seecats as a symbol of freedom in fact PopeGregory the 9th issued an edict accusingblack cats of being the spawn of Satancapable of black magic millions of catswere killed to result in superstitionwithin the Catholic Church and manyhistorians believe with lack of cats inEurope let rodents unchecked the rodentscarried fleas that then carried thebubonic plague which spread acrossEurope and the 1,300 left unchecked therodents infiltrated civilization andkilled millions eventually Europeansbegan to readapt cats as bermanexterminators but black cats neverreally shook the superstitious underthem as Europeans travel to the newworld they carry cats with them the bayflower even had a few cats on itsjourneyand since the 1600s cats have slowlybeen taking over America with theircuteness and even today you can learn alittle history from cats searchinghistoric memes across the Internet. I’m